How to Treat Your Sweetheart to a Great Meal This Valentine

Thomas Wolfe, the American novelist said, “There is no sight on earth more appealing than the sight of a woman making dinner for someone she loves”, that may sound sexist, but it’s not, in his time, Wolfe mostly saw women cooking for their husbands so he ended up summarizing the whole – ‘cooking for your sweetheart’ thing thus. Love is love – and no matter whether you are a boy in Bangalore, or anywhere in the world for that matter – there are many things you can do to show your love to your sweetheart and what better time to do that than this valentine!

Breaking off that rose-cards monotony
Girls love roses and cards – we don’t mean to say otherwise, but this Valentine don’t you think you could do something slightly different to get her to appreciate your emotions? Why not take her to favorite Subway joint and treat her to the best Fast food in Bangalore? A nice meal together is the best way to spend time together, and who doesn’t love eating – we are sure your gestures won’t go appreciated. And girls, boys love eating too!

Donning the apron
Fast food franchises in Bangalore this Valentine’s Day will be crowded, that is to be expected, so if you missed out on being early or you can’t keep your sweetheart waiting for hours, cooking at home can be doubly great. Girls love the effort their boyfriends put in to please them and girls have a perfect opportunity to show boys that there are better cooks than their mothers in this world!

Biting at both ends of a ‘footlong’
Remember ads of couples in love sipping coke out with two straws from the same tumbler? It’s romantic and it’s perfect to get really up close if you have not already and set the mood for some kissing later! There are special foods that are made for sharing, like the ‘footlong’ from Subway! Its 30 centimeters of delicious goodness that would love to bite on and of course share. There is enough for two frugal eaters to feel satiated. Also when you are with your sweetheart your tummy is full of butterflies right, so the less you eat the better off you are.

Get a heart shaped cookie cutter
No there is no end to the great things you can bake once you have a cookie cutter. Cakes, cookies, tarts and candies are only a few of the great things, but the list is literally long and anything is possible with a little imagination. Here is a delicious idea – bake a few heart-shaped cookies and surprise your sweetheart!

Head off to your favorite Fast food joint in Bangalore and treating your inamorata to a sumptuous meal this valentine. Get a low down on easy tips to please your sweetheart right here.