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Come join us on a tropical adventure through the Maldives! Whether you need a relaxing day on the beach on one of our virgin islands or a scenic flight viewing the local area we will be there to fulfill your travel needs!  Contact our head office to explore different packages and options to book the trip of a lifetime today!

Maldives Travel Advisory

-NO Nationwide Advisory -_______________________________________________________

Last Updated: August 6, 2014 13:13 ET

Still Valid: October 6, 2014 18:25 ET



Although there is no nationwide advisory for the Maldives you should exercise travel there with a high degree of caution due to prevalence of petty crime.

Entry/Exit Requirements

The Maldivian authorities have established certain entry and exit requirements that you must follow. However, these requirements can be subject to change at any point and time. If you would like to visit any non-resort islands you must express permission from the authorities as well. Throughout your stay in the Maldives you must have a valid passport and when you arrive you will be granted with a tourist visa with a 30 day limit (extension of a tourist visa is possible but only for a total of no more than 90 days). If you have children, you may need special documentation to visit.


Remember the decision to travel is your responsibility and you are responsible for your own personal safety. Ensure belongings such as a wallet, passports, and other travel documents, etc. are secure at all times. You may also want to avoid any large gatherings or political demonstrations because past incidents have turned very violent. Although these kinds of gatherings usually occur at night, if you find yourself in a situation such as this avoid confrontation, remain calm and depart from the area as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Note: The equivalent to ‘911’ in the Maldives is ‘119’ - calling this number is only for police not a medical emergencies.

Travel and Transportation

Continue to be cautious when traveling within the Maldives as many people travel by boat or seaplanes, but if you choose to travel by car be aware that traffic drives on the left. When traveling from island to island know that resort islands are well developed and have a variety of tourist facilities while these kinds of services can be limited elsewhere. Also if you are planning on doing any kind of watersports in certain locations rescue services may not be up to international expectations.


Ensure that your routine vaccines are up to to date including Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Influenza, Measles, Typhoid, and Yellow Fever. You must have proof of the Yellow Fever vaccine as it is required for you to enter the country. Medical services are limited in the Maldives and if there is a medical emergency you must call the individual hospital for ambulance services which can often be very expensive.

Note: -Practice safe food and water precautions while traveling in Southern Asia.

-Travelers are advised to take precautions against insect bites

-Avoid animals as certain infections can be shared through certain animals

-Remember to wash your hands often to avoid spreading infections

Law and Culture

When in the Maldives you are subject to their laws. There are penalties for use and trafficking of illegal drugs, you cannot import any kinds of firearms, alcohol, drugs, pornography, or any non-Islamic religious materials to promote another religion. Homosexual activity is also illegal. Make sure to dress conservatively behave discreetly, and respect their religion and social activities as this is all apart of their culture.

Note: Although Maldivian constitution passed the Disability Act in 2010 stating that public places must enable access for people with disabilities, this law has not been implemented in most places yet and may take some time.

Natural Disasters and Climate

When in the Maldives keep informed about the weather forecasts and plan accordingly. The rainy season in the Northeast extends from November - April and in the Southwest from May - October. Flooding can occur.

Help Abroad

There is no representative of Canada in the Maldives, there is The High Commission of Canada in Colombo, Sri Lanka that you can call during after hours of emergency assistance. You may also want to consider making a collect call reporting an accident to the Emergency Watch and Response Centre in Ottawa (613-996-8885)

Note: If you are a single woman travelling alone it is suggested for you to research tips and things you can do so you are prepared and to make your trip as safe as possible.


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Local Attractions

Seaplane Photo Flights

Seaplane photo flights offer you an amazing experience and sightseeing sensation. What better way to enjoy your holiday than to go on a beautiful trip and explore the Maldivian Islands from above?

These tours are ideal for both sightseeing and photography as the planes are designed to present outstanding panoramic views. You will fly over the shallow lagoons, pristine and uninhabited islands, a variety of tourist resort islands, fishing villages, and the continuously hue-shifting seas of the Maldives. Keep a watch out for people performing water sports or schools of dolphins, fish, or stingrays in the crystal clear waters.

Night Fishing

Night fishing is a classic Maldivian activity and is definitely the way to go if you are looking to experience some culture! By going on a memorable trip such as this you are able to experience the satisfaction of catching your own meal. The boat leaves shortly before sunset in order to find a good fishing spot and once you get there the crew on board will teach you to use lines, hooks, and sinkers properly.

Local and Virgin Islands Tours

One of the best ways to experience the life of an ordinary Maldivian is to travel to local islands. You will get to observe the unique architecture and structure of the island while seeing activities the islanders are involved in on a daily basis. Depending on the island you choose to explore will depend on what kind of industry you experience as some islands are based off agriculture , and others off fishing or a fishing manufacturing industry. These are also good places to pick up souvenirs as many locals make and sell nice little nick nacks.

A trip to a virgin island in the Maldives is something you will never forget! The vegetation is lush, the beach is almost blinding and the waters are sparkling. It is very easy to find a virgin island in the Maldives as there is over 1190 islands in which only a few hundred are being used. If you chose to explore one of these islands make sure not to get lost, enjoy your time and leave the island the way you found it.


There are many endless opportunities when it comes to hanging around the Maldivian waters. You can swim for recreation, play water polo, or rent snorkeling, parasailing, kayaking, kite surfing, water-skiing, or jet-skiing gear. The Maldives is a mecca to surf enthusiasts so you can also rent a surfboard and try something new. You can book a trip on a specialized surf cruise to get to the lesser-known surf breaks.

Diving in the Maldives

The warm waters of the Maldives have high visibility throughout the whole year, which is perfect for divers. But you do not need to be a professional diver to enjoy the spectacular sights of underwater life! Our boats will give you a basic to advanced lessons for diving, and we use well monitored and high standard equipment to ensure safety. All you need to do is take a 15-60 minute boat ride before getting to a beautiful coral reef/diving spot and you are set for the day!

Environmental Sustainability Plan

TARGET AREA: Greenhouse Gas Emissions                                                                               

  • By using a more eco-friendly fuel, such as Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) for our transportation vehicles we will produce fewer carbon emissions than both petrol and diesel powered vehicles.
  • We are going to convert all our transportation vehicles where they are able to efficiently use LPG this includes; shuttles, buses, boats, and planes.
  • There will be regulations on idling in all transportation vehicles within the business, meaning that if you are delayed or believe you will delayed for 10 minutes or longer the vehicle must be turned off. This will be the same when it comes to the ground, water, and air. To reduce idling time we will find the most efficient routes. For example on land we will make sure to travel during the most non-busy hours and on water we will find currents to follow instead of working against them.

As a travel company this is especially important to us. We will reduce the amount of carbon emissions our company puts into the atmosphere and see our success through following guidelines and looking into/buying the most efficient transportation vehicles we can find.


TARGET AREA: Electricity Use

  • In our business offices we will install solar panels and energy efficient light bulbs and systems (LED, motion censored, etc.).
  • We will setup power-saving programs on our devices including computers and printers, etc. in our offices where the devices will go into 'sleep' mode after not being used for 5 minutes and longer.
  • Buy energy from a company that produces sustainable energy such as 'Sun Edison' which is one of the top companies who operate solar PV systems throughout the globe.

We will reduce the amount of energy our business uses and promote sustainable energy use by completing these actions. We will be successful as we see a decrease in price of our electricity bill.



  • We plan on installing water saving toilets and controlled fountains within our office buildings. The toilets will have the option to flush more or less water depending on the circumstances and the fountains will have a button you must press to get water.
  • Each month we will regulate and keep records the company's water use (by gallons) in order to confirm we are reducing our water use within our office buildings. If we aren't successful we will change our tactics by creating a better plan and encouraging employees to use less water.
  • When participating in water transportation we will have strict guidelines in order to keep our waters clean. Guidelines will include carefully following fuel filling procedures in order to ensure waters stay clean. Littering in the ocean while using our services will also be punished as we want to promote keeping our waters clean.

By doing this our company will purchase less water and keep the surrounding waters of the Maldives clean and beautiful. By regulating our water use and following strict guidelines we are able to measure our success.

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