TRENDING NEWS:  Thursday Nov 20th, 2014

SEP: 2 students responsible for Yik Yak threats

New threats made Wednesday on the social media site Yik Yak prompted heightened security at Southeast Polk High School in Pleasant Hill.

MacKenzie Elmer,

(Photo: AFP/Getty Images)

Saturday night's post on Yik Yak threatened a school shooting at the high school, Menozzi said. Law enforcement heightened security at the school Monday morning before a reportedly unrelated shooting took place in residential Pleasant Hill. A suspect in that incident has been arrested and charged.

But additional posts Tuesday night on the same app threatened a bombing at both the junior high and high schools, the taking of hostages, and violence targeted at three police officers and one school official, Menozzi said.

"…We've got to continue to work with students on appropriate use of social media," Menozzi said.

The district also employed the expertise of law enforcement officials to subpoena Yik Yak administrators to give up the names of those who posted threats.

"In talking with the police, initially it wasn't very easy to get the information from Yik Yak but once they found out the seriousness of the threats, then they were easier to work with," Menozzi said.

Menozzi said additional security will remain at the school on Thursday.

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