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How Were The Mesopotamia's Advanced?

Hammurabi's Code

There was a king named Hammurabi, he was the king of Babylon. He would later  become the city's greatest monarch. He later brought all of Mesopotamia into his empire. Hammurabi is most famous for his set of 282 laws. These laws were apart of everyday Mesopotamian life. These laws had everything from marriage,trade,injury, and loans.

System Of Writing

The Sumerians made up the world's first system of writing. This writing was called cuneiform. The Sumerians did not have pencils and paper, but they had sharp tools and clay to use for writing. They later had pictographs, or picture symbols. They also had a scribe to keep track of traded goods.

The Wheel

The wheel was one of the most important developments of the Sumerians. The wheel was used to build wheeled vehicles like: wagons and carts. These vehicles helped people carry things around and sometimes helped people travel.