Trent Sisco

The Medical Sales and Community Service of Trent Sisco

About Trent Sisco

An accomplished medical sales professional, Trent Sisco has served Centurion Medical Products since the late 1990s. As a representative for the company's wide range of catheter stabilization systems, he takes a service-oriented approach to marketing. Over the course of his tenure with Centurion, Trent Galen Sisco has placed Centurion's proprietary dressings and trays in more than a dozen hospitals. At each of these locations, he has trained medical staff in the use of each product component. Trent Sisco remains in contact with hospitals after the introduction of Centurion dressing products to ensure a successful experience for patients and staff.

Trent Galen Sisco supports the American Heart Association, the American Cancer Society, and other humanitarian and medical research organizations. An experienced youth sports coach as well, he has led Little League teams in the Florida communities of Bloomingdale and South Brandon. In his free time, he enjoys the arts, reading, cooking, and travel. He notes the Mediterranean, Europe, and the Caribbean as his destinations of choice.

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