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Notes-1st Article Quotes & Ideas

Quote:"Cloning endangered species is equally foolish. Re-creating extinct species is an absurd concept, whose worst extreme is the proposal to remake a Neanderthal."

My Ideas:I think that it is foolish the people clone and re-create animals that are extinct or they just do it to experiment aka "For Fun".

Quote:"Cloning for fun is simply a bad idea."

My Ideas:I actually agree with this quote because cloning and creating life isn't always going to end well. Either something bad will happen or just mainly disaster; it wont be always perfect something bad always comes from cloning.

Notes-2nd article Quotes & Ideas

Quote:"Research cloning would contradict the most fundamental principle of medical ethics, that no human life should be exploited or extinguished for the benefit of another. Yet a law permitting research cloning, while forbidding the birth of a cloned child, would require the destruction of nascent human life."

My Ideas:This is why cloning on people is wrong in all ways. First cloning a newly born baby or a birth of a clone could end up happening something bad to it and maybe could think of world domination(just saying). Also cloning yourself can have bad medical ethics.

Quote:"Advocates of research cloning argue that stem cells obtained from cloned embryos would be injected into a genetically identical individual without risk of tissue rejection. But there is evidence, based on animal studies, that cells derived from cloned embryos may indeed be rejected."

My Ideas:Cloning animals or any living thing will come out with something wrong. One the cell that comes from a clone will be reject it and will have a risk of the tissue so it wont be like us humans that have or are made with our own cells.

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