the Cherokee tribe by: Max,Brenda,Sam and will

The Cherokee tribe is more properly spelled Tsalagi and it is an Iroquoian language. 22,000 people speak the Iroquoian language. They mainly live in North Carolina and Oklahoma. They are the largest tribe in the U.S. Cherokee mainly live off of farming,hunting, and gathering. Also they live in wattle and dub houses, they are made out of tree logs and covered with mud and grass.In 1835 some of the Cherokee signed a treaty with the U.S for all the Cherokee land in return for land in Oklahoma for 5 million dollars.Cherokee wears animal skins.

the men wore leggings back then. the trail of tears is when Andrew Jackson forced a lot of Cherokees to leave their homelands. 4,000 Indians died from either hunger or thirst. He forced them to leave because he wanted their land and, made them move all the way to Oklahoma.

Sequoyah was a famous Cherokee who invented a writing system for his tribe. He lived from 1770-1840. He was mainly known as the smartest Cherokee ever. The Cherokee could not do the stuff we do today like watch TV,play video games or play sports because the did not know all of that stuff. They played tag,soccer, and a game called anejodi which is kind of the same as lacrosse.

The tribe had a town square,30-60 homes and few villages. Did you know that during the Winter,Fall,and Spring the houses were round in a circle and, during the Summer the houses were bigger. Every Cherokee family had two houses one for Summer and one for the other seasons. The houses in the Winter and every other seasons except Summer the houses were made of wood.

The color of the tribe is mainly red,blue and white. (sometimes they will wear yellow. The masters wear all of the colors.

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