Trey Anastasio

Singer, Song writer.....musical sensation.


Trey, born with the name Ernest Joseph Anastasio III, was born in Fort Worth, Texas on September 30, 1964. His father was an executive vice president at the Educational testing Service, while his mother was a children's book author and editor of Sesame Street Magazine.

Trey later moved out east to attend the University of Vermont and Goddard College where he met his present day bandmates, Page McConnel, Mike Gordoan, and John Fishman. The four musically talented individuals formed the band named Phish. Phish has been performing live concerts since 1983 and have produced twelve albums. Trey and the other members of the band have also successfully performed solo acts while not touring. Besides the Grateful Dead, Phish has some of the most "phaithful" and largest "phan" base.  Thousands of "phish heads" follow them state to state all around the country just to hear their music.