Coasta Rica:)

The paradise where the waters are bluer than Hawaii


Coasta Rica is located in the middle of Panama and Nicaragua. The left side of Coasta Rica is the Pacific ocean and the right is the Atlantic.

Coasta Rica's on and off weather is spectacular. One minute may be raining and the next it may be sunny. The weather is never frigid there, so in winter your still in summer. Or you can say that in summer it is winter.  This is so because our winter is there summer. In conclusion, Coasta Rica's weather is just the opposite of ours.   

Coasta Rica's countless activities and attractions can you keep you occupied for lifetime. You can zip line above the clouds, leap over tides, raft with buddies, and of course relax in the luxurious resorts.

Costa Rica's love for fiestas is contagious. With over 1oo different fiestas, Coasta Rica sure knows how to party. A well known fiesta there is Mango Fiesta, which is celebrated in the end of July.

Coasta Rica has many soothing beaches and unique cities.  San Jose is the heart of Coasta Rica as well as its capital. Along with more than 300 different beaches Coasta Rica is definitely top notch.


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