Trig Project

Tyler, Joseph, Arturo

Geometry H

Height of Tree

59.3 ft

1. Measure 40 feet from base

2. Take Picture of Tree and Joseph

3. Measure angle through picture

4. Use tangent

Human error could be attributed to picture and triangle drawing

Depth of Amphitheatre

Pythagorean theorem

Approximately 13.08 ft

1. measure length from sola sign to joseph

2. measure length from floor to joseph

3. Use pythagorean  theorem


approximately 12.22 ft

1.measure length from sola sign to bottom of stairs

2. take picture of stairs and wall

3. Draw a triangle connecting wall to stairs

4. use protractor to measure angle on picture

5. Use sine

Straight Measurin'

approximately 13 ft 7 1/2 in

1. measure length from top of sola sign to bottom of wall

Human error may be caused by inaccurate angle measurement of picture, and length rounding.

Length from peak to peak of aymar and theatre

Approximately 25.6 ft

1. Measure length from door to door

2. Take a picture of the two buildings

3. Draw a figure connecting two buildings

4. Find angles and measurements of h1 and h2 and a

5. Use Pythagorean theorem

Human error caused by inaccurate measurement from door to door. Should be from edge to edge. Also number rounding.

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