Trinity Barker:Mesoptamia

Ancient Mesopotamia was a nice area with perfect soil to grow many crops for the people who lived their during their time. One of the groups or tribes that once lived in Mesopotamia were called the Persian Empire.  The Persian Empire were after the fall of the Babylonian Empire (talk about later).  The Persian Empire culture or beliefs were whatever their culture or beliefs as long as they paid their tax and obeyed the rulers. Even though they could keep their culture their main religion was called Zoroasters.  At a time the Persian Empire was concord by the Greeks that was led by Alexander the Great.  Now it's time to talk about the Babylonian Empire (told yeah :) ).  The Babylonian Empire was after the fall of the Akkadian Empire.  The king of the Babylonian Empire was King Hammurabi ( created Hammurabi's Code ).  When Hammurabi became king he began to take over other city-states in the area.  With a few years Hammurabi took over Mesopotamia including some Assyrian lands.  How this strong Empire falls to it's death is when King Hammurabi passed away.  Hammurabi's sons took over, but they were not strong enough to defeat the Kassites.  Now to the last (not really the last empire just the lat I'm talking about) the Akkandian Empire.  The Akkandian lived in the north of Mesopotamia while the Sumerians lived in the south. Over time the Akkandian rulers united their cities under a single nation. So they began to work together.  Sargon or Sargon the Great made his own city and Uruk tried to attack.  When Uruk attacked Sargon took over Uruk. After Uruk he began to defeat all of the Sumerians. Over time Mesopotamia was under one ruler.  Over 2 hundred years Sargon just expanded to the east, south, and west.  Around 2,100 BC Ur rose back to power and attack Akkad.  By this time it was now ruled by a Sumerian king, but over time it was taken over by the Amorites.         

The Wheel

One of the best inventions were made by the Sumerians. This invention was the round wheel.  Why this wheel was so important is by what it was used for. The wheel was used for shaping many different types of pottery. Most of the time this invention that helped craftspeople make blows.  Sometimes theses blows had some type of history or art on the items. The wheel was not only for pottery, but for travel as well.  The wheel helped make after time created the cart and wagon.  The cart and wagon helped travelers and trades travel around Mesopotamia for goods or supplies. Because of the wheel, today we have bikes, roller skates, cars, airplanes lifting off, and other items!  With out the wheel (which I'm sure someone would come up with it over time.) most of the items we have today would not be existing.  


The second best invention that proves that the people of  Mesopotamia was advance was created by the Sumerians (like the wheel).  The irrigation was made for growing more crops.  How they built this remarkable device is by gathering up mud and dirt, making them into little hills to control the waters flow.  The water came from the the two rivers Tigris and Euphrates.  The most depressing thing about this invention is when it fails.  The only way this amazing idea could fail is by water over flowing.  When the water begins  to over flow the little hills would become destroyed as well as the homes of people who lived in Mesopotamia.  On the bright side  ( if their are no floods) you would get lot's of food or food surplus!  On the bad side ( if it flood horribly) most of your crops would fail and many people would suffer. The irrigation could be a good or a bad thing; the people who would get hurt the most would be farmers.  How a farmer is how they most likely send every dime growing crops , and in a second all of that hard work just washes away.  With out this good or bad luck switcher we would most likely would not have come up with our dams that we have today.      

System Of Writing

The system of writing was created by Sumerians (also the wheel and the irrigation).  The system of writing was called Cuneiform.  With this writing people could now record how much food, weapons, how many people live in Mesopotamia, and other items.  Because of writing people in Mesopotamia now can write down laws like what King Hammurabi who made the 282 Hammurabi Codes.  With out the system of writing we would not have the alphabet, and with out the alphabet we would not have: letters, diary's, documents, books, and other items.  Right now people do not realize how amazing writing can be; people would most likely realize how important writing is when it's gone.