Trinity Teen Solutions

Wyoming All-Girls Christian Healing Program

Established more than a decade ago by Angie and Jerry Woodward, Trinity Teen Solutions (TTS) is a pioneering Christian wilderness program for girls. Situated in a remote Wyoming location surrounded by scenic Forest Service lands, the treatment facility offers girls a private, close-knit environment in which to heal and grow. Trinity Teen Solutions, Inc., and its Christian treatment team emphasize trust and honesty throughout the therapy process. With two full-time therapists for 14 girls, and a one-to-four staffing ratio, girls in the teen program benefit from close personal supervision and a consistent routine.

The TTS teen program offers a variety of treatment modalities, including therapy sessions in family, group, and individual settings. Christian eye movement desensitization reprocessing (EMDR) is another vital component of the healing program that enables past trauma and abuse to be reframed and processed. The working ranch setting provides girls a chance to learn through participating in daily activities such as caring for animals, horseback riding, and irrigating crops.