the Irland trip!

Premier Jour:

on the bus it was boring, we had nothing to do,  except speaking.when we were eating,I've seen a person who comes inside,the automatic doors was open, and a women wants to come here, she was walking really fast, and she hit a door in her face and she was shameful ... I think, and she may feel bad because she was walking faster for comming in the toilets.No one seen it.

after the bus,we are finally in the boat!it was cool because we were together.The boat was really huge and his name was"Oscar Wilde"! They have a shop,some floors of rooms, some bridges,a cinema, some game rooms, ect ... and the worker was certenly russian and they were speaking really fast in the cafétéria. In my room, I was with Julie, Chloé and Sana (sorry, I don't know how to write it:-(  ) and I find the room really small for 4 peaple.

We had a «disco party», but we just had a dance floor, some lights and some new musics but we havn't got some disco music,but it was funny!

(we had this weather all the time:-(  )

Deuxième Jour:

on Friday,we woke up 1 hour early :-( and we saw a lot of peaple 30 minutes before le breakfast,some peaple was in pyjamas, it was really funny, I saw a unicorn pyjama and the meal was really cool !

After the meal, with Simon, Leanne,Intissar,Enora,Sana,Julie and Chloe we did a " hide and seek" it was really cool, and a lot of peaple was bored so they wants to play with us, we were a LOT to play together, I met some peaple with it. I think we all enjoy the game! we continue the game but we ate and after we continu it(again) until th end.

After we had a part of bus and we finally met the Irish familly, they are really cool! I was with Leanne,Enora and Zoe but i was in the same room than Leanne, it was really cool!

We ate 4 pizzas! It was delicious! We were exhausted so we slept.

Third Day:

so on the morning we went to a port,it was really cool, they are a rainbow, some seagulls and some sea lions, it was beautiful, so next we went to the national museum of irland, it  was about some egyptian and...vikings maybe! But it was weird and interesting at the same time but anyway some stuff was awesome

So all the afternoon we did some gaelic sports, i prefer hurling because it's new, easy and funny. Someone hit me hard with the ball and after this, i what running and i feel bad like in my leg :-(, it hurts!

at the night, we had an "irish party", we learn to do the irish dance steps, at the beggining it was hard but it became funny directly because some peaple did the wrong steps and we sink in the other peaple, i enjoyed it!

Day 4 :

on the morning we visit a part of glendalough, it was weird and we saw some films and a little "museum".After that we ate and we did a hike in a little mountain,we pass in some forest roads. It takes 2 hours and the highest point was 300 or 400m O_O  But  I was with Luca, Nessim, Helene, Hugo and some others(I don't know them)  But Helene feels really bad and Hugo took her bag, it was nice of him, i find the climb really exhausting! The hiking was really fun!

After, we come back into the Irish house and with Zoe we went to the beach,we were first! it was so amazing! we saw a dead jellyfish and Simon, Chloe, sana and Thibault was in swimming suit and they go "swimming"  some one set of music, it was cool but short :-(

(for the pictures, don't turn your head, it's right!)

I eat here with Helene, they was some ducks, it was very cool!
don't turn your head, it's right!
it's hugo and nessim on the left!
it's on the beach!

day 5:  monday 30 march

We spend a day to the Causey farm! the peaple who receive us was sweet! It was a man and a women.we did some braid: irish soda brown braid, it was something like that.And we did some irish dance (again) but after the first part it was differant,; we saw a lot of animals, it was cool! But my favorite part was in the tractor because Everybody was singing :

Wherever where we go;

Peaple always ask us;

Who we are;

Where do we come from;

And we always tell 'em;

We're from Lille!

Mighty mighty Lille!

And if they can't hear us;

We sing a little louder (again and again with some others)

When we come back to Portmarnoch, we eat really fast to go together at the beach, a lot more peaple was comming out, it was crazy!

Day 6:

so first with Louise,Helene, Olympe and Enora we come into a Disney shop, it was really expensive! so we visit but I don't buy any thing. We saw Cap'tain America, Hulk, some peaple of Frozen and some stuff of Star Wars. and after we ate in burger king, we met leanne but louise and Olympe wants to be with some other peaple, so we were waiting at leanne (she comes after so she finish her meal after us) but they leave after, so helene and I wants to come into some shop but after one, we saw Hugo, Luca and Nessim, so we were together and it was really really cool because we laugh a lot: Nessim was not discreet and a lot of stuff, i'll remember that forever, but anyway the "hunting tresure" was really cool and we were finally first!! We saw the statue of Molly Malone, the O'Connell monument, the spire,the trinity college, the temple bar, some starbucks coffees,st stephen's green and a lot of shops. and we come in a Penney's shop, it was amayzing because they are a lot of beautiful clothes for not much!

So for my trip, i love a lot of stuff, it's hard to choose one but I think it can be the shopping day or the farm day but I hate the weather and when Leanne lose her wallet, it was really sad but she can come back here, in france!

So thank you to read my post! It was an amazing week, I hope I'll do this again!                    bye!

the spire

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