Best of Tristan

California - The Golden State

What I'm (not) allowed to do

I'm not allowed to go outside when it's dark and I'm not allowed to watch TV after ten o'clock. But I'm allowed to play video games. I'm not allowed come home after nine o'clock. I think rules are good and they must to hold.

My best friend

My best friend's name is Stefan. He is 13 years old as me. And he is in the same class as me. Stefan is tall and wears glasses. I have known him for 13 years. Because we were neighbours we met in houses.

He's a very good friend because when I need him he's always here. Stefan is very funny. We never fall out but we have arguments. When we meet we watch TV, play games, in summer we go and eat ice cream.

But since my mum and dad broke up we don't see each other so more anymore. But we still are best friends.

Big Crab