Mobile Apps for K-12 Learning

Here are a few downloadable applications that can be used to engage students inside and outside of the classroom.


  • PicCollage is a cool application that allows users to create collages containing everything from photos, stickers, text and other fun things.
  • PicCollage could be used in almost every subject. For grade 7 French, an interesting assignment could be to get the students to create a collage of photos and corresponding words (in French of course) from any of the following topics areas: Months of the year, fruits and vegetables, classroom items, etc.


  • ShowMe is basically a virtual whiteboard.Users can record themselves using the whiteboard and create voice-overs to accompany the whiteboard video.
  • ShowMe could be used to create a whiteboard presentation on a book review in English class. The recording could then be shown to multiple audiences (i.e. other students, parents).

Blackboard Mobile

  • Blackboard Mobile is just a general application that brings different aspects of any class in one simple place. It allows teachers to post assignments, create discussion forums and engage all students on one platform.
  • Blackboard could be a part of a blended classroom, or it could make up an entire online class.


  • Poplet is an online graphic organizer. Users can create timelines, collages, and other visual representations of their creative ideas.
  • A social studies teacher might get the students to create Poplet page of World War II events. The students would have the flexibility of either doing a timeline, collage, or general poster style page.


  • Way is a very interesting app/game that can help teach young students how to communicate with each other. It's an online game that gets user to work through problems together using verbal and non-verbal communication. The idea is to teach students the different ways we can communicate effectively in the world.
  • This game could be a required component of a blended course, or it could be homework for a regular face-2-face course. Either way, the students could take part in this game on their own time.

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