Novelty Socks – Tips On Making The Right Fashion Choices

Think about it.. Out of all the attention that you pay to every little detail of your outfit and look, exactly how much of it is spent on picking the socks you will be wearing? For most of us, the answer is going to be zero. What we usually do is create a carefully constructed look and just put on the first pair of novelty socks that comes in front of us. And here is where this can be a grave mistake. Selecting the wrong pair of socks can actually ruin your entire clothing ensemble. They will show up every time you walk, sit or move and will reveal your poor fashion choice at every sighting and you won’t be able to do anything to hide them from sight.

To avoid these disasters, you need to know the right way to pick out novelty socks for yourself. There are many aspects that you should keep in mind before selecting the right combinations to wear. Here is a list of a few important ones.

  • Unless you are planning to own your own novelty sock store, there is no need to have a collection of all kinds of varieties. There should only be enough pairs that suit your requirements and particularly your lifestyle and fashion choices.
  • The weather you will be wearing them into will play the most important role in the choice you will be making. If the times are cold, the socks you will choose will be woollen, if warm, then simple cotton socks that are thin and absorbent will be best. It is best that you have sufficient pairs of each variety in your wardrobe so that you have ready access to them whenever you may have the need.
  • As far as colours are concerned, try and match your socks to the colour of your trousers. That’s right! Most people make the mistake of matching their socks to the colour of their shoes. The idea here is that when you suit and your trousers slide up a little, the colour should have a continuous flow. Same coloured socks will ensure that they don’t stick out.
  • The fabric of your novelty socks should be comfortable and soft, no matter what. You will be wearing these accessories for most part of the day, staying close to your skin and absorbing sweat and dirt. There is no point on spending cash on socks that get as rough as sandpaper if you wear them for long. In the end, they will never get used!
  • The fit of your socks is important to note as well. They shouldn’t be so lose that they bunch up near your ankles and appear to be flimsy and they shouldn’t be so tight that they begin to obstruct blood flow in your feet or don’t provide room for your toes to move. Trying before buying is the best idea here.

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