Gas Attack In Syria

       On April 12 2014, a gas attack happened in Kafr-Zita in Hama province in Syria. Hama. However, the government and opposition forces in Syria have accused each other of using poison gas in an attack on a village on Friday. According to the official, there are at least 37 people have been killed in explosions and dozens of people were injured in the Syrian city of Homs in this chemical attacks, which involved at least one car bomb, also injured dozens. The national TV station blamed that the "Jabhat al-Nusra" use pis ion gas as weapons and hurts lots of innocent citizens and they even said that "Jabhat al-Nusra" may start another attack in other cities. But the Syria government did not response to this statement. Many doubt that this gas attack may relate to Syria's civil war problem. The attacks came a day after President Bashar al-Assad registered to stand for re-election, defying calls to step down as a way of ending Syria's civil war. In the past three years, more than 150,000 people are believed to have been killed during the civil war. The innocent citizens are the biggest victim in these attacks and wars.

Functionalist View:  After the gas attack happened, the Syria government did not fulfill its responsibility and function to protest its citizens but even blamed to the so called "rebels". The function of a nation's government is to protest the people and govern the country well. However, in this case Syria government failed to serve its responsibility.

International View: This is not the first chemical weapon being used in the war. However, it is not allowed to use since the First World War because it do harm to human's health. And the behavior to use a chemical weapon also blamed by society and international.

Conflict View: In this gas attack, the Syria government and opposing forces blamed each other for using gas weapon. No one really fulfill their duty can function.

My Opinion

         It is not the first time that Syria used chemical weapons in the wars. In August 2013, a gas attack happened in the Capital of Syria which caused hundreds of people died. The international society felt shock and angry about these cases and blamed Syria government strictly. However, Syria government denied the accuse and argued that it was used by the rebels.  The biggest victim in wars is citizens, it is an inhumane behavior no matter who use the chemical weapons to hurt people. The purpose of war is to get a better government and give people better life but it is not based on the death of people and destruction of cities. Chemical weapons destroy not only citizens' lives and their home but also the ethical lines of the country.

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