Meeting 10/20/16

This weeks meeting will take place @ Miss Heather's ~ 11 Freedom Ct

We will be preparing the cars for Trunk or Treat. Girls were asked to bring their art supplies. They were also asked to bring an 18 inch doll as we will be making poodle skirts for both the girls & dolls. The dolls will be a part of our trunk decoration.

Dues - Please Bring ASAP

In addition to our Fall & Cookie Fundraisers, GS Troops collect dues to support the Troop. In Troop 171 we collect dues twice a year. In the beginning of the year we collect $30 per girl and in January $25 per girl. In addition to this so that the girls have some personal responsibility we collect a quarter weekly. At the end of the year, we dump the bucket and do something fun like ice cream or pizza. We will take dues in the next few weeks whenever you have it, as I know some of you just registered & purchased uniforms.

Fall Fundraiser - $$ Due Thursday

Please have Fall Candy & Nut Fundraiser Orders & $$ turned in at the  Thursday, October 20th Meeting.  Checks can be made out to Troop 171 or GSSNE.

See Everyone Friday for Trunk or Treat

St. Phillip Church Parking Lot ~ 622 Putnam Pike, Greenville

Set Up 5:45 - Trunk or Treating 6:00

A Rain Date is being discussed just in case :)

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Ailani (+1) 4 days ago
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Carebear1977 10 days ago

Cali and I will be attending

Amanda 28 days ago
Tina 27 days ago
Emily a month ago

New York

Please arrive at 6:15 prompt at the baseball parking lot on Newport Ave next to the firestation. It is across from St Teresa's Church at 354 Newport Ave Pawtucket! (Not South Attleboro)


Ornamnet Making Event - North Scituate Baptist Church - Nov. 20th - 2:00 to 4:00pm

Registered Parents

Thank you so much for registering as a Volunteer. We greatly appreciate your help. With the group being older & smaller, we may not need a ton of help every meeting. We only ask if you stay and there is no assistance needed that the adult conversations take place in the hall so as not to distract the meeting. This week we will be doing a pumpkin craft with Glue Guns & possibly making a Fall snack. As the girls are older we encourage them to do things for themselves. The adults will serve best in a supervisory position this week, overlooking use of the glue guns & over-seeing that the recipe is being followed correctly. We also ask when helping that parents try to focus on girls other than their own as it encourages their independence.

There will be NO MEETING Thurs. Nov. 3rd

Junior Bronze Award

The Girl Scout Bronze Award adventure is big—in fact, this award is the highest honor a Junior Girl Scout can achieve. As you and your team plan and complete your project, you'll develop more confidence, meet new people, and have the kind of fun that happens when you work with other Girl Scouts to make a difference.

I am a Junior & interested in completeing my Bronze Award.

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4 people are going
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4 going0 maybe2 no
Emily (+1) a month ago
Ailani 3 months ago
Emily 3 months ago
Amanda 3 months ago

I would but they say I'm too old. ;)

Lexee felicio 3 months ago


The photographer was in an accident so this is going to be postponed until the fall.

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What a great time that was!! Had so much fun😀

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I had so much fun. Food was great especially the pizza

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This picture makes me happy every time I look at it

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I loved it