Journey in a Sleepover

The girl's have expressed an interest in completing the Bronze Award. This is the first higher award the girls are eligible to earn. In order to do so they must first earn a Journey. We had discussed doing this at a sleepover event to have enough time to complete it start to finish.

Please RSVP for this event as a lot of planning will have to go into it & we do not want to do the work for nothing. ~ Thanks :)

Trying to Schedule this Ladies...

Please RSVP yes or no if you could do this Sunday, Feb 19th-Monday Feb 20th!

Please RSVP
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Booth Sales

Saturday, February 18th.

Stop & Shop Johnston~11 Commerce Way, Johnston, RI 02919

9:00am - 2:00pm ~ Girls are then Welcome to Miss Heather's after for pizza & a movie.

Girl's can be picked up @ Stop & Shop @ 2:00pm or Miss Heather's @ 5:00pm.

Save the Date~More Info to Follow

Thinking Day

Friday, March 10th

Father & Daughter Dance

Friday, April 7th

Powder Puff Derby

Friday, April 28th

Tentative Court of Awards

Thursday, May 25th

Weekly Meeting-Parents/Siblings

To ensure that the girls are able to completely focus during meeting without distractions we ask that all parents/siblings that may attend the meeting sit in the hall unless they are volunteering that day. Volunteering in the meeting space requires complete focus on the meeting, distraction from the content being covered can be very offsetting & prevent the girls from completing their badge requirements. All volunteers must be registered. ~ Thank You

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What a great time that was!! Had so much funπŸ˜€

a year ago

I had so much fun. Food was great especially the pizza

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This picture makes me happy every time I look at it

12 months ago

I loved it