Troy Mertz

Troy Mertz of Gilberts Development LLC

About Troy Mertz

For more than 20 years, Illinois-based entrepreneur and executive Troy Mertz has engaged in real estate acquisitions, trading executions, and profit forecasting. One of his current endeavors, Gilberts Development LLC, is responsible for building up 1,134 acres in the Village of Gilberts. This special-purpose entity oversees 985 single-family homes and 62 acres of commercial real estate. As its head, Troy Mertz collaborated with municipal leaders to refinance its former owner's defaulted bonds and successfully negotiated a 20-year financing commitment from Oppenheimer Funds, Invesco & Delaware Bond Trust.

Alongside his responsibilities with Gilberts Development LLC, Mertz serves as chief executive officer of Delaware Trust & Lending. This company maintains a $100-million loan portfolio consisting of special-purpose entities throughout suburban Chicago. Its assets of raw land, road improvements, and sanitary sewer system agreements improve property values for residential and commercial developers.

Before taking on these roles, Troy Mertz gained experience in construction finance through Dimoda Construction. As its president and founder, he created multimillion-dollar homes based on principles of risk management, capital strategies, and corporate profitability. During his 13 years with the company, he produced long-term results for investors and planned mixed-use development projects.

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