why Abortion? Angela Felix
Period 5

Abortion restrictions were added to the legislators agenda. For years, conservatives rallied support around opposition to abortion. Tougher laws have continued to press against abortion.

This issue relates to structural functional because peoples opinions work together in order to promote solidarity & stability. Statistics say that 3/4 of women say that cannot afford a baby, 3/4 say the child would interfere with work, school, half say they don't want to be a single parent. There are real risks for women having abortions. This debate shows social conflict because attitudes toward abortion vary among members, it was found that a lot of people feel negatively towards women that have had an abortion. A lot of people have different opinions on this topic, some people may think aborting is a mistake and will make you feel guilty forever. Others have no regrets... It also shows symbolic interaction because it shows different individuals views, experiences, thoughts and expectations. Some women who have had abortions think they need more support. One woman said, "abortion is not a quick fix. It left me with a lifetime of consequences , a lifetime of depression, anxiety and eating disorder"

I personally believe abortion should not be an option to people. Yes, even though they could get raped, I believe the baby has no fault and deserves to live. Women that gets pregnant should take responsibility for their actions; they should pay consequences for what they've done. In this case; conceiving a baby. A complete innocent baby that has been conceived does not deserve to have his or her life ended for no apparent reason. They have already started to live, might as well let it grow and be. Adoption is always an option that is not as bad as murdering a child. Woman should have some consideration for the babies feelings and not kill it, if they cant afford a baby or don't want one for any other reason, give it up for adoption... or don't get pregnant.

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