Ten Thing I'm Thankful For..... ^-^

family-I'm very thankful for my Family because they are one part of my life that are always there for me when i need them. They are the biggest part of me that will never leave and that will stick by me when i need them because a family is a blessing to have and to know that you have someone is there for you and to know that your not alone.Life-For still being alive and each an everyday having another change to wake up and to know that I'm alive and being able to dot hing that many people can't and to me that's a blessing of God and I'm thankful each and everyday that he forgive me for my sins and lets me keep on waking in life and feeling alive.Mom- She's always believed in me in someway and she's been mother and father to me and I'm very thankful for her providing me with thing i have today and in the near by future she's everything to me and without her i don't know who or were i will be in this big world. Having food and shelter were i can eat and sleep and feel protected at all times. and I'm also thankful for everything in this world.

I hope y"all celebrate the family with laughter and cheer and may the odds be in your favor love to all and to all a good night.