TrueAccord Offers Innovative Online Tools for Debt Resolution

About TrueAccord

Founded in 2013 by a group of financial services industry veterans, TrueAccord aims to reinvent the debt resolution industry. The company acknowledges that debt settlement has historically been a difficult process for many who owe money, which makes some businesses reluctant to use debt resolution services. By providing convenient online tools for both businesses and debtors, TrueAccord makes resolving debts easy and efficient.

For individuals or businesses who owe money, TrueAccord offers the option of setting up payment plans quickly via an online interface. The company does not charge any hidden fees or interest, but rather directs every dollar paid to debt reduction. In addition, TrueAccord helps customers file disputes if they disagree with a charge and keeps a documentation trail throughout the process. At all times, TrueAccord maintains customer privacy, with all data transferred over a secure sockets layer (SSL) connection.

As a result, individuals and businesses can work with TrueAccord to achieve confidential debt resolution. To learn more about TrueAccord, visit the company online at: http://

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