About Appendix Cancer


Appendix cancer is very dangourous. Iam going to be talking about a certain type of cancer and it is appendix cancer. To get started, im going to talk about the symptoms of appendix cancer. Well, first of all, if you notice size and growth in your lower abdomen, and bloating, there is one sign. Next, if you hae new hernias, that is another sign. But most of all, the discovery for appendix cancer is discoverd during surgery for the appendix.


Now, if your wondering, the possible causes for appendix cancer is when the cells become abnormal and multiply.


Now, moving on to appendix cancer during the cell cycle. http://prezi.com/jgo8hjxefwdp/mitosis/  There is a video on explaining what appendix cancer grows and goes through.

As in metastasis, the cancer spreads through the appendix.


Ok, now for treatment. Unfortunately, I couldnt find allot about treatment for appendix cancer but it did say most of the time, appendix are removed. Most of the time treatment time depends on how big the tumor is. Second of all, the treatment is basicly the same as chemo thereapy for colon cancer.


Now moving on. I think you will like this one. This is survival. Wwll normaly people live but like if the tumor is big, you will have about 5 years to live up to. Now, some tumors get up to about 2.5 centimeters and require aggressive treatment. Now with that patients have a lower survival rate. But, if there lower than 2 cent. patients have an exelent survival rate.


Well, thats all there is to know about appendix cancer. Well, Ill see ya later. I hope you get well soon. :D

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