A R3bel Films video

The short film “Truth”, produced by the R3bel Films Company has been made to raise awareness on HIV/AIDS. The video “Truth” transmitted a powerful message to the communities around the world, telling them, telling us, that every single person on this planet could be affected by the disease. Indeed, the number of people living with HIV continues to raise. In the clip, we can learn that more than 34 million of people are living with HIV… that’s a lot! Why is there more and more people infected? It is because people don’t do early detections and treatments and don’t use condoms or sterile syringes.

This situation should change. This situation could change if there was more prevention. The 1.7 million of people that die every year from this world’s most significant health challenge could be helped. This is why several films have been made on the subject. This is why societies like Canadian Aids Society are made. They enrich the lives of communities living with HIV and promote education and awareness.

AIDS, byname of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, is a transmissible disease of the immune system caused by the human immunodeficiency virus(HIV)). It is transmitted through the body fluids. Therefore, it can be spread by sexual contact, breastfeeding, blood transfusions, injections of drugs, etc.

People, don’t be scared!

The world has evolved. Over the years, researchers found medications that can control the amount of virus in your body. The virus of HIV might never disappear but taking several drugs protects your immune system.

So be careful in your relationships and don’t forget: “it’s just not them, it’s all of us”.

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