Breaking News: The Truth Behind Gatsby's Death

Long Island, New York- Almost a week ago the disconsolating news was spread that Jay Gatsby was murdered in his own back yard. Many rumors are being spread about why George Wilson, loving widower of Myrtle Wilson, shot Gatsby then himself but we now have the truth.

The night before Gatsby's murder, New York had lost another life, Myrtle Wilson. From the information we collected at the crime scene she ran into the street and was hit, dying instantly.  "She ran into the street towards a yellow automobile yelling for a man named Tom. She looked upset, but I assume it's due to her fighting with her husband all night. I could hear it from the street". George Wilson was interviewed the night of Myrtles death. "She was having an affair so we were fighting. She ran out the house and started for the street saying something, but I couldn't hear her well." Wilson assumed that the man driving the car must be the same man his wife was seeing. He eventually found out that Jay Gatsby was the owner of the yellow car and decided to take action. He found Gatsby in his back yard and shot him and then himself. If George would have known the truth maybe they would both still be alive today.

It was getting hard to find out who was driving the car or who was even in the car until Nick Carraway willingly spoke up to save the memory of Gatsby. He didn't want his neighbor and friend to be known as the man who murdered Myrtle Wilson. Carraway told the reporters, "I just want to set the rumors straight and I want everyone to know that Jay Gatsby did not deserve to be a victim to George Wilson. If anybody did it was Tom Buchanan. I have known Tom since my college years so when it came to trusting me enough to meet his mistress he didn't have a problem. He introduced me to Myrtle not too long ago even though he was married to my cousin. So, if George Wilson wanted to kill the man his wife was seeing he made a seriously wrong mistake. I spoke with Jay after the accident, and I think I understand why he did what he did. He was not driving his car that night, but Daisy was. Gatsby did not want her to get in trouble because he cared so deeply for her. He protected someone he loved and that takes courage. His death was erroneous since he did not do anything to harm the Wilson family."

Jay Gatsby was murdered because he was believed to be the love affair and murderer of Myrtle Wilson. We all know now that that is incorrect and that he did not deserve what he was handed. Jay is survived by his closest friend Nick Carraway and his Father  Henry Gatz.

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