How is American society represented in Super Size Me?

Super Size me is a documentary about an American man named Morgan Spurlock. Morgan Spurlock is the director and is the main star of this film. The reason he tried this experiment was because he wanted to be and feel like an average American man. This experiment meant that he had could only eat McDonald's food (breakfast, lunch and dinner) for one month. The only rules were, he had to say 'yes' if they offered him to 'super size' his meal and he had to order everything at least once of the McDonald's order list. So, how is American society represented in Super Size me? American's are portrayed as self-indulgent consumers of fast food who prefer value over quality of food. Statistics show that more than two-thirds of American adults are considered to be overweight or obese. Also alarmingly childhood obesity has more than doubled in children and quadrupled in adolescents in the past 30 years. In this documentary, American society is also portrayed as an unfit and lazy society with many people being very inactive. Morgan Spurlock also wore a pedometer to insure that he was participating in the experiment in the most realistic way possible. He did this in order to reduce his steps taken per day to reflect what an average male would walk per day (approximately 5,340 per day). It doesn’t help American society that there are McDonald’s outlets virtually everywhere. In this documentary it is clear that in America there is an abundance of fast food restaurants with McDonald’s leading the way. Given the numerous locations and cheap pricing of this fast food chain it can be easy to see how American society has been drawn into the convenience and price over quality and their health. Thus in conclusion I believe this documentary shows a true representation of American society and their fascination with fast food.

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