Vocabulary Squares

Amyah Ward

I will be using something like vocabulary squares to show the words, definitions, sentences, and a picture of each.


Definition- made of clear brilliant glass

Sentence- The crystal clear glass was clear enough for me to see to the other side to where my mother was standing.



Definition- tough and strong

Sentence- The man that I saw in WalMart looked like he was sinewy and look like he could intimidate someone.



Definition- strong and muscular

Sentence- The reason I didn't want to talk to the man is because he was brawny and looked like he could hurt someone easily.



Definition- minister

Sentence- The parson was in the church and he looked very important and he could be heard in the rows of seats in the back of the room.



Definition- shaped by hammering

Sentence- I wrought the piece of metal so that it would be the shape of a bracelet so I could wear it.



Definition- upper legs and hips of an animal

Sentence- As the dog was sitting down on its huanches it looked like it was tired and sleepy.


Vocabulary Questions

1. No, a dog couldn't have been sitting on its haunches when it was running because to be sitting on its haunches it would have to be sitting and not running.

2. Yes, I would expect a weight lifter to have brawny hands because they lift weights and should be stong and muscular.

3. I would expect a construction worker to have sinewy hands because they use their hands a lot when they are working and they could be making their hands more tough and strong by working the wa yhey do.

4. Yes, it would be breakable because if you were to drop a crystal glass on the floor then it would probably break because of the force.

5. Yes, a parson would be likely found in a church because a parson is a minister and they preach in churches and spend a lot of time in church.

6. Yes, if something was wrought it WOULD be made by hammering because if you wroguht something, it would mena that it would be shaped by hammering.

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