Grant Community High School... just your average school in Lake County.  Full of wanna-be country boys/girls, who had "swag" last year.  Full of your typical couples fighting, you know, the ones that fight because someone talked to their boyfriend/girlfriend.  And lastly, full of your typical drama starters... and if you don't believe it, take it from me.  I don't like people because of the drama they bring.  It's childish to fight someone because they bumped you in the hallway.. like seriously.  No, this isn't preschool anymore.   There's a bunch of fakes in this school-- whether it would be about their style in clothes changing in a couple months, or fighting whether a girl talked to your boyfriend, or just plain fighting for stupid reasons.  I honestly hate people-- I hate them.  But I learn to deal with it because it's only high school-- and in a few years, these topics that I've seen in the school, won't worry or bother me because I'm mature enough to not let stupid people or fakes, or even people who threaten me, get to me..