The Star Spangled Quiz

A Fun Home Made Quiz

What Is It

I used java script to make a quiz that will give you questions that if you answer correctly you will get points but if you answer the question incorrectly you will lose points

How It Works

I used prompts and if else statements in java script to basically say if you got it right it will say that you got the question right and how many points you got. If you got it wrong then it says you got it wrong and it takes away points.

Evolution of the Quiz

The first thing that I did was learn how to use javascript on code codecademy. It is a great website that teaches you how to code step by step. After I learned the basics of coding I started coding. The first thing that I did was ask the user if they want to play or not. Next I made the code for the questions the first time. First I made a if else statement so it would tell you if you got the answer write. Then with Jonathan's help I added the points system.  


I added a part where you would tell it your name and it would address you by your name. I also added a else if statement so you could have multiple answers.

What I want to do is add a high score and a timer that will influence your score

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