Mrs. Bigman in a Small Car

By: Shlok Yeolekar

Mrs. Bigman was driving her small car. Her husband decided to make a graph showing her progress. They were headed to the supermarket. Mrs. Bigman got in her small car and started driving. It was a Monday afternoon so there were not many cars outside. Mrs. Bigman was accelerating faster slowly. When she got to the supermarket, she suddenly stopped her car. She and Mr. Bigman went to the shop and got their groceries. While they were coming back there was Bigman a bit more traffic so Mrs. Bigman could maintain a constant speed but not go any faster. Unfortunately because of the increasing traffic, and Mrs. Bigman urge to go faster, they were in a car crash a block from their house. Mr Bigman did not get to complete his graph after that. Fortunately though they survived the crash with minor injuries.

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