Creationists vs. Scientists

Thank your scientists!

Creationists enjoy talking about how scientists have it wrong. I’d like to say a few words…

I’ll start with an example, the crayon. The Crayon is a unique writing instrument because it’s non-toxic, it retains color, it writes, it repels water and it does several other things that aren’t worth discussing. To a child, this is all easily understood, they don’t know why a crayon does these things (they were not born yet)…. it just does.

As adults, we know that it took a significant amount of research, testing and development to produce the various colors of crayons. Researchers had to think about which material they would choose. Was it safe? Will it hold color? Will it write? Can it be cleaned?  It's a longer process than one would consider.

This is information that was collected through thought, observation, modeling and testing. It’s a lot of work that ultimately culminated into one of the best childhood writing instruments of all time.

No good scientist will ever tell you that they know something 100%. Even if in their mind they think they have it pinned. They will only document their observations and share their conclusions.

Creationists don’t work this way. They take historical scripture and present it as though it’s fact… as if human authors are incapable of error.

Scientists are first to admit their mistakes, but they always learn from them.

I went to bible school when I was a kid, I know what the bible says; however, I’ve been open-minded all the while.

For instance, it’s well known that the current sea level is rising. Our scientists have discovered geological evidence that it has happened before and they have even calculated rates to say when it could happen again.

In a couple hundred years, do you think that the first human instinct would be to build a ship the size of Antarctica in order to survive?

If it’s death that people are afraid of, then ask yourselves… if heaven exists, do you really want to live forever in eternity? Furthermore, consider this, if heaven exists then hell must also exist according to some religions. What if your lover is destined for hell while you’re destined for heaven? Would you want to be separated forever in eternity?

Personally, I’d rather die or at least live life to the fullest while I am still around.

Scientists are working hard to analyze data in order preserve and safeguard humanity in the event of a catastrophe. Weather it’s medical, geological, seismological, meteorological…. the list is infinite.

Lives are already being saved by today’s scientists and they do it using the scientific method and by keeping an open mind.

Creationists are working to discredit that. They would rather see you in the hands of our lord and savior, living forever in heaven, than accept the discoveries that our scientists are making. To reiterate, our scientists are making these discoveries to protect you and your future generations.

That’s why today’s scientists are working, studying, exploring and discovering. Science and technology is the key to preserving life. Life on Earth will end and today’s scientists will figure out exactly how to keep you and your children alive when the time comes.

You're already a scientist... choose to embrace it.  

Mark R Smith, MS


Life is Precious!

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a year ago

EXSUSE ME but what your saying is completly FALSE about stuff you said in your article about Christians. You didn't leave any proof of what you claimed about Christians, and you had complete DISRESPECT on them. SMITH, I would like to ask a few questions.

a year ago

Smith, your statement trying to make the Bible seem false seems to help make the point that the Bible is true. You stated, "[Creationists] take historical scripture and present it as though it’s fact… as if human authors are incapable of error." Without God's help, human authors would have make errors and mistakes. Some events in history are mentioned in multiple places in the Bible, by multiple authors and multiple time periods, but all connect together in perfect harmony. When people pass down stories to generations, it keeps coming farther from the truth. Humans will make mistakes, so how does the Bible connect together perfectly unless God (who is perfect) used them to write his perfect, accurate, book?

a year ago

Dear people who read this tackk, you have only read one side of the story. What people don't realize is that scientists are biaset, and when we have an open mind like they have taught is since school to do, we won't chose God when we get older ( see paragraph 8)