8.2 Reflections

Practice Problem #19 and #20 by B. Hawkins in Math II

Problem #19

"The work of artist and scientist Leonardo da Vinci (1452 - 1519) has an unsual characteristic. His handwriting is a mirror image of normal handwriting."

D.) What would Leonardo ask you to practice while writing sentences in a reflection?

He would tell me to practice writing my letters and words more straight and neat.

E.) "Explain why the fact about da Vinci in part (a) might have made mirror writing seem natural to him."

I write with my right hand. I think people who write with the left hand had an easier time writing the reflection. But I write with my right hand so it was a challenge. The right hand moves from left to right so the left hand would need to move from right to left.

Problem #20


A butterfly's wings is a good example of reflection. The right wing is exactly like the left wing, the only difference is that the right wing is like a flip side of the left wing.


This picture of this dock at the beach is symmetrical. If you were to cut the picture in half, you can tell that the right side is an exact copy of the left side. It's like a mirrored image.


This picture shows an example of reflection because the table is showing an exact reflection of the child's face, the chair, and his fingers.

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