Driving Under The Influence

Prevention campaign

Driving under the influence of illegal substances has become a problem in today’s society. In Canada, many national organisms were born with the same goal: raise awareness on this issue. This text will present two of those organisations: Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and Operation Red Nose.

First, MADD main goal is working to eliminate driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. MADD is creating national campaigns where the support of the population is essential. One of the most recognized campaign created by this organisation is called Project Red Ribbon Campaign. This movement is still occurring now and is taking part every year between November and January. MADD distributes red ribbon and asks Canadians to display this ribbon on your vehicle or personal item if you committed to drive sober. This period of the year is more at risk because of the holiday season. This organisation is successful because they present really accessible campaign. MADD is also involved in television advertisement campaign.

Secondly, Operation Red Nose is an organisation well known across Canada because of their effectiveness. This organisation that was created in the province of Quebec spread in 8 other provinces of Canada but also in Switzerland, Portugal and Spain in 2009. Operation Red Nose provides designated driver service to individuals that do not feel the capability of driving because of alcohol during the month of December. Their mission is to encourage responsible behavior by accepting that you can’t drive. In 2009, more than 50 000 people volunteers and provided more than 73 000 rides. We can conclude than this organisation probably saved hundreds of lives since its creation in 1984.

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