The Gardener by S.A. Bodeen

Carl Johnson

Before reading 'THE GARDNER' I thought the book will be about a little kid who got bitten by his neighbors dog named Packer.

Evolution is changes that take place in a species over time. In The Gardener, Evolution is important because the story is talking about humans turning into plants and its going to take a lot of time.

A heterotroph is a organism deriving its nutrional requirements from complex organis substances. In The Gardener, they talk about heterotrophs because they are trying to make the humans to not eat the human food so they won't feed them self's.

Autotroph is self feeders. Autotrophs are important to in The Gardener because they want people to get their food from the sun so there will not be any kind of food crisis in the future.

Photosynthesis is when a plant uses sunlight to make its own food. Photosynthesis is important to The Gardener because they want people to get their food from the sun instead of the grown crops.

My two favorite questions is "was masons dad a plant?" question is "why dose his mother keep secrets."

As we read we found the answers: No, Masons dad was not a plant he was a robot.

and his mother keeps secrets from Mason to keep him safe.

Masons dad

The setting of the story is in Melby falls. Melby falls is a city in Organ that is surrounded by forest. Trodyn is a forest that is a greenhouse that is experimenting on people to see if p0eople can photosynthesis. Portland is a big city and is a crowded and is next t a big river.

I think human experimentation is cruel because people don't belong to be treated like animals. If people become treated like animals they would cause human kind to go extinct by killing or causing spmething inside a human to become sick and can get others to get sick.

"What is climate change or Global warming." Climate change is changes in earth's atmosphere and the change in the change in the oxygen we breath because of the fumes we bring from burning fossil fuels. This is a big problem cause it can kill our food supply.

"What is food crisis." Food crisis is a long extreme shortage of food, which results in death. Its caused by high food price caused by poor growing conditions and the rise of fuel. This is a problem because it kills us humans and kills our animals.

Climate change also affects world temperature. If the weather is more extreme, its diffeicult to grow food. Climate change is rise of carbon dioxide of fossil fuel. Food crisis is rise of hunger and malnutrition that happens sharply.

climate change

"Dear Future Generations:sorry" by Prince E.A is talking about how our next generation are going to have trouble living if we don't stop and clean our acts of making earth cleaner for us and our children after us.

In both "The Gardener" by SA.Bodeen and "Dear future Generations" by Prince ER both authors discuss the seven generations principle. Solomon did a experiment on humans so they could photosynthesis and they won't have to eat or drink. They get their food from the suns radiations because we are bulldozing all the trees, animals are becoming extinct, therefor we have less animals to hunt . This will effect the next generation by not letting them experience how to hunt and see the buetifule animals we have.


What is a Karner Blue? Where does it live? What is its problem? Why is it important in The Gardener?

A Karner Blue is a butterfly is about one inch across. The Karner blue is found in Seattle locations from Minnesota to New Hampshire. In New York the butterfly is found in certain parts of the Hudson  Valley Sand belt which extends from the Allany Pine Bush north of the Glen Falls area. The problem is that their food the lupine and where they lay their eggs is dissappering.

The Karner blue is important to The Gardener by showing them what is happening to the butterfly is going to happen to human kind. If they don't help stop the disaster everything on earth will die.


Explain the seven generation principle and why is it idea is important in "THE GARDENER' and in "DEAR FUTURE GENERATIONS: SORRY"

Both 'The Gardener" and "Dear Future Generations: Sorry" are talking about how the next generations are going to die more easily and faster because theirs no one els had the courage to do something about is.

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