Ancient Mesopotamia

"The land Between two rivers"

This is a ziggurat the Mesopotamian people built these  to worship there gods. Like  the Babylonians  built temples to worship there gods. Its all so were they go to pray to there gods.

This is rap about Mesopotamia in a rap of word it is a verse of you by solider boy it has everything about Mesopotamia about how they built roads and temples and everything. its is very checkie.

This is what Mesopotamia looked like back then compared to today were Mesopotamia is Iraq and Iran and Arabia and central Asia and Egypt. Mesopotamia  had two major rivers called the Tigris and the Euphrates.  

This is a video about Mesopotamia  first life (Sumerians,First civilization, on Earth) and about ancient writing and how it got started. The first writing is called cuneiform. click on the link to learn about cuneiform.

The development of the written language called cuneiform witch they written  on on clay blocks with a piece of Kane. Cut with a point on it so it like a pencil. And then they after they were done they dried the clay tablets

The Mesopotamian's believed in seven gods the god of fresh water, sun, earth, sky, salt water, moon, wind.  these are the seven gods they believe in.  

These are mud bricks these are what Mesopotamian houses were made out of. Click on the link to watch how the mud bricks are made they are made by hand. With mud and a box made out a wood box.

This a crop field with a levee. A levee holds water back from flooding a there crops but when the crops need water they lift it up and it lets water in. Its basically a dam but used for farming not two generate power.

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