Anne Frank

Jared Duncan
6th Period

"We're not the only people that've had to suffer. There've always been people that've had to... sometimes one race... sometimes another..."(Page 952, Online Text)

Anne says this to Peter during a conversation about religion. Peter is freaking out, and Peter claims that if he doesn't get out soon, then he will go completely crazy and lose his mind. This leads to Anne telling Peter that she wishes Peter had some sort of religion. Peter doesn't believe that a religion will help, and doesn't want to think of one because that will just make Peter angry. He is afraid because he feels helpless, all holed up in the Secret Annex, just waiting for the Nazis to come and take them away to a concentration camp. Anne tries to console Peter by talking about how this has happened to others, but this just makes Peter feel even worse. Anne says that things will return to good in time, even if it takes hundreds or thousands of years, but Peter is scared and wants things to change now. Peter does't look at things the way Anne does. Anne looks at everything as part of one big plan that will all turn out fine. Peter just thinks about the moment and what is happening around him, and how it affects him. Anne hopes that everything will be a part of a plan and end just fine, and she wants Peter to have that same hope for himself and his life.

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