Book of Love

Quality Time and Physical Touch

I am Faith

Daughter of Ray and Ragan

Who needs affection, acceptance, and attention

Who loves quiet nights, back rubs, and subtle touches

Who sees pain, loneliness, and need

Who hates anger, hurt, and heartbreak

Who fears rejection, brokenness, and pain

Who dreams of blue skies, better days, and smiles all around

Who has found poems of love, loss, and motivation

Resident of the place we call a home.

I am peaceful.

Not like the sunset after a dark day,

Not like a still ocean after a violent storm,

Not like calm breaths,

But peaceful like when you lay your head down at night with a clear mind,

Peaceful like when you sit and watch the bugs, and are happy that they get to explore the world in beautiful ways.


Less than a year old: parents divorce.

Age 2: (Dad) Moves from Charlotte to Mooresville.

Age 3: Dad's girlfriend moves in.

Age 4: Dad buys a restaurant. (Mom) Moves from Charlotte to Mint Hill.

Age 7: Mom gets remarried. Dad's not home.

Age 10: Excluded from father's wedding. Step niece is born. Dad's not home. Moves from Mint Hill to Matthews.

Age 11: Dad gets divorced, family moves out, works more.

Age 13: Brother gets a car. Home alone. Sports take over. Moves from Matthews to Monroe.

Age 14: Gets baptized, finds Christ. Home alone again. Sports still occupying time.

Age 15: Jamaica trips, home alone, gets job. First C in school. Still playing sports.

Age 16: Brother moves out. New sports, same job, adventures. No family. Still home alone.

SOAPSTONE: This was intended for younger people, mainly. This song, I believe, was made to help people find themselves through soul-searching, they're meant to believe in love and hate and always find the truth. To show us that we will lose love and that we will cry tears in agony. The theme is trials, that life will have trials no matter what. The conflict through out this song is more man vs man because it's talking about what other people put you through. Also the song is man vs self because it's soul searching.

"A piece of me"


"Soul searching"


"Cold world"




"no air"

"listen but you don't care"


"Love that I've lost"

"Tears that I've cried"


"Let go"

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