Pokedex #001

For some time after its birth, it grows by gaining nourishment from the seed on its back.

The seed on its back is filled with nutrients. The seed grows steadily larger as its body grows.

It carries a seed on its back right from birth. As it grows older, the seed also grows larger.

HP: 45 ATT:49 DEF:49 SP.A: 65 SP.D: 65 SP: 45 Base stat total:318 (Gen 1 SP was 65)




Leech Seed

Vine Whip

Poison Powder

Sleep Powder

Take Down

Razor Leaf

Sweet Scent



Worry Seed


Seed Bomb

Ah Bulbasaur, number 1 in the pokedex, and also unfortunitly considered to be the weakest first generation starters. For almost everyone picked charmander and for everyone that picked squrtle they ran ice beam. But Bulbasaur is my main man for my kanto runs. Bulbasaur being a unevolved pokemon he is not very strong, as most first form pokemon are. He has the overgrow ability as his defalt ability, which is not that handy on bulbasaur in my opinion, his hidden ability chlorophyll is not that helpful as well, unless your running a sun team which you might consider it.

When you wi-fi battle, do not use bulbasaur unless your doing a baby battle.

Nature: Careful

item: Wide lens

leech seed


seed bomb

sleep powder

EV spreads  252 SP.D/ 252 DEF/ 4 Att

Fun Fact: Bulbasaur was not the first pokemon.