The Seage

fish out of water

Constitution of



the name of this rebellion will be The Seage



the purpose of the country will be to provide services and help to its citizens with all of their needs.the goal of the country is to to help those in need and to allow freedom to all the citizens.Examples may include: Provide a sense of community; Maintain academic freedom; Promote leadership skills; etc.


the requirements to become a citizen in our country will be that they have to have an understanding of our laws and respect them. each citizen will be expected to have a job and contribute to the whole of the city. Also, they will have to pay taxes that are necessary to the city. to support their country citizens will have to have the cities flag hung over their house and will have to know the national anthem. then when the city needs it they will have to fight for their country and be trained in combat throughout their education.


the government will be a democracy and provide for its citizens. the citizens will have the right to vote on who will run the country.


the responsibilities of the government will be to provide everything that will be needed by the citizens. the government will provide food, health care services,


  1. citizens have the right to speak freely
  2. have the right to pursue their goals in life
  3. citizens are allowed to request laws
  4. have the right to own their own property
  5. have the right to bear arms
  6. the right to vote
  7. are allowed to support their own causes
  8. have the right to worship their own religion
  9. have the right to an education
  10. have the right to start a family


The education that we will offer will be a public and free education. although private education will be offered to those who would want it but they would have to pay fee. Most of the free education would be paid by using low priced taxes. However community college and universities will have to be paid for, but the price for this education would be very inexpensive so everyone can afford it.


the symbol will be keys to unlock the truth behind Atlantis.


The Guy will be the figurehead of our rebellion


characteristics and powers: Before Bernie killed the hydra he had no superpowers or any real physical strength. After he killed the hydra he became immortal. He still does not have any powers but he is the smartest of us all.


Before Bernie had no power or influence over anything, he was a normal person. He was just like everyone else in the corrupt city of Atlantis. He went day by day and worked at the post office where he read the letters to make sure they didn’t have anything that would be against the city. He did not know it but that was all soon to change. As a child, just like everyone else he was told that he would never amount to anything unless they told him he would. At first Bernie did not agree with this but after a while he started to give in to what they were saying. When he became an adult he decided to go for a mediocre job at the post office. At the post office he met a man named Zeus, who was the same age as him and had the same job. The two became friends and were very close. Both of them were very normal and thought that they would never amount to anything. But on one day that was all to change, a monstrous beast was coming to the city of Atlantis. The warning bells were sounded and the news was that the hydra was heading towards Atlantis. It was not far away from the city, and was in the bog that bordered the main entrance. The beast was huge and would easily engulf the city with it’s spiraling long necks with teeth twice the size of a T-Rex. Bernie knew he had to do something so he came up with a plan to kill it. Zeus saw Bernie heading towards the entrance of the city and decided to follow him. All Bernie had with him was a small rifle but he was determined to kill the beast. Zeus had nothing but a small knife that he had always carried in his pocket. The two went to the front of the city and faced the creature, Bernie opened fire on the beast and none of the shots did anything to penetrate it’s scaly skin. At that moment Bernie noticed that there were methane barrels on the side of the entrance and he told Zeus to help him get the barrels. Bernie had plan that would kill the beast and Zeus knew it, so he did what Bernie asked. After the barrels were all moved to the top of the entrance Bernie started to taunt the beast to come at him. The beast only struck with one head at time, when it got close enough Bernie and Zeus threw the barrels in it’s mouth and shot at it. The barrels exploded and burned off the heads. After Five explosions the beast was killed. But when the duo returned Zeus took all the credit for killing the beast and he became the new leader of Atlantis. After Zeus took control Bernie tried to explain that it was both of them that killed the beast, but when he tried to explain the citizens outcast him to the bog in front of the city. But there was something that Bernie got that Zeus did not ,immortality. As time went on more and more citizens started to see the truth and left the city of Atlantis and joined The Seage.

Ministry of Love

In the Ministry of Love, there is no love to be found. Many of the prisoners are beaten and neglected of the very basic human rights. They are locked in a room with no windows or light or anyone else to have a conversation with. The prisoners are left in the cell to drive themselves into insanity. They are not given their basic three meals a day and are lucky if they a get anything for food once a week. For a bathroom they are given a shallow silver bowl to use, and is only changed every month they are incarcerated. The prisoners are not given any means of cleaning themselves, but if they stay long enough (about a year or so) they are given a hose down by the prison guard. All of this seems to be horrible to any one person but this is not the worst of it all. After waiting on days without end the prisoners are finally taken from their room, but what they don’t know is the nightmare they are about to be engulfed in. The prisoners are taken to place only known as “Room 101”, this place is where the prisoners are taken in to face their greatest fears. The Ministry has been keeping watch of every one of the citizens and knows what they are afraid of. What goes on in this room is too gruesome to even speak of on paper. All that can be told is that the prisoners are tortured to the brink of insanity. They are tortured in such a manner that they can never forget what was done to them. If they are lucky they could be tortured so gruesomely that they lose their own memory of what happened, but for the rest of the prisoners they are haunted for life by nightmares of the events that occurred. This is what the “great leader” Zeus has done to us.

By James rivera and Herman Duncan

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