Why Don't Teachers Integrate Technology?

While watching this video a fellow co-worker sent me, I chuckled to myself and then I was perplexed.  Why is it that some teachers have a very difficult time with technology while other embrace it and tackle the challenges head-on?  I do not come close to considering myself an expert on the human psyche or why people are the way they are, but I think this is a learned behavior.  For those who shy away from something new, something in their past embedded into their minds that change is scary and should be avoided.  Or...are people born with a personality that has an aversion to the unknown?  This dilemma can be argued to death, but one thing I know for sure is that technology is here to stay and the times are a'changing.  For my teacher friends that are nervous...take a deep breath and try one new tech tool every couple of months.  Become the "expert" of that tool and then go onto the next one.  No one will expect you to be perfect the 1st time (including your students) and there is not one tool out there that works 100% every single time you use it.  Get messy, have fun, and learn with your students...it will be the best decision you have ever made.

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