Prince Edward Island


Post confederation P.E.I population was a little more then 80,857. After the 1891 census the population reached reach 109,000.  The province did have a decrease in population during the depression dropping to 88,000, But as of January 2014 the population is said to be 145,211.

Economy and lifestyle

When it oined Canada in the 1870s it could barely afford to build a railway now the provinces GDP is 5.5 billion dollars. However it took some time to get here during the mid 20th century P.E.I econmy began to lag compasred to the rest of Canada but thanks to steady growth in fishing and theri signature crop potatos. Today much of P.E.I is farmland used for thsi staple crop. Lifestyle in P.E.I is also quite good the province has the highest minuim wage in Canada $18.62 farmers also get paid large sumes of money by agricultural companies to buy their seeds.


P.E.I has had its ups and downs since joining Canada but with a good GDP and a large agricultural, fisheries and even starting to develop natural resources. Also benefiting from the highest minimum wage in Canada and is linked directly linked to the mainland via the Confederate Bridge.

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