Tsolaire Aghamanoukian

Math Teacher to Sixth Grade through College

About Tsolaire Aghamanoukian

Throughout her teaching career, Tsolaire Aghamanoukian has presented key mathematical concepts in a way that supports student success. She entered the profession at the college level, having recently graduated with her bachelor of science in mathematics from Concordia University. Invited by the university to teach finite mathematics to economics and business students, Tsolaire Aghamanoukian presented this course while pursuing an in-depth research internship under renowned mathematician Anna Sierpinska.

In 1997, Tsolaire Aghamanoukian graduated with her master in the teaching of mathematics, having also published a highly regarded article on learning processes in first-year university students. At the time a teacher for grades five through eight at A.R.S. Armenian School of Toronto, Ontario, she remained in this rewarding position through 2001. She then left the school to gain experience in high school teaching at Vaughan Secondary School, also in Ontario, before returning to A.R.S. Armenian School as a math instructor for grades nine through 11. Ms. Aghamanoukian has since relocated to the United States and now serves as a math teacher to sixth- and seventh-grade students at Chamlian Armenian School in California.

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