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Mung bean silk mask

Mung bean plant extracts containing special skin cells whitening factor, penetrate into deep skin, clean pores within the dirty residue, effectively repairs dull skin problems, make skin like a peeled egg white and delicate. The ingredients of the mask can be found in the picture above.

The mung or moong bean (also known as green gram or golden gram) is the seed ofVigna radiata, native to the indian subcontinent and mainly cultivated in many other countries. The mung bean not only benefit to health and body, it also helps in your skin, naturally control sebum and reduce acne.

Why do we need to take care of our skin? Living in singapore, such a hot weather country, even if we are indoor, we still get to expose to UV rays, not only that, stress, unbalance hormones, daily medication due to certain health problems will also make our skin lose moisture, make our skin dull, growth of acnes etc, this is bad. Mung bean mask not only helps in controlling sebum, reduce acne, it also has the effects of whitening, hydrating, tighten pores, lighten acne scars, giving you radiance and clear skin. It suits all kinds of skin type, anyone can use.

Small advice

1. The effective of the masks depend on the person skin condition, some people will show results within 1week but others may not.

2. If you think that your skin is very sensitive and not sure if you are suitable to use the mask or not, we suggest that you try to rub bit of the essence behind your ear and wait for at least 5-10mins to see if any redness, itchness appears on you. Stop using if any abnormal reactions happens, immediately consult your doctor.

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