My trip to Dublin

The week began Thursday at the Champs de Mars in Lille. We took the bus during six hours. Then we went in the boat to spend one night inside. It was not very comfortable, the cabin was little and I didn't arrive to sleep. After to put my legs on the Ireland floor, we took once again the car to go in Portmarnock; when are the families. Finally, the car stopped... but at the bad places and it started once again. Arrived at the place, people on the car went out slowly until that only four student with me was in the bus. Three boys stayed because their family is late. And two people, one is me, was in the car because " It didn't know what our family doing" ... Good start. So the first evening, I descended in the house of an other family, with already three boys. This boys have already begin to eat so I assisted at the meal without any plate. Fortunately, the parents gave us hamburgers after one half-hour. The next morning, I went in the car. The first day was the Gaelic sport. We began with the Irish handball in a little gym. The Irish handball is like the squash but there is no racket, it's with hands. Then, I try the Gaelic football. It's a mix of football, basket, rugby and other sports. We can move with the ball in yours hands, but after four steps, you must bounce it on yours foot. The last sport is the hurling and it's my favorite, With a cross, you move the ball and you can take this in your hand. For the Gaelic football and the hurling, there are two goals and on this, the two goal-posts like in rugby. It's 5 point in the goal and 3 on the goal. At the end of the session, we did a big match with all students. The evening, I discovered my new family who fed already three friends. This time, I keep my room every time until the end of the trip. We ate quickly because we had to go at the room for the Irish dance, I didn't see an Irish meal this day, because it was hamburgers like yesterday. The five boys of my house, with me, arrive at the place to dance. I think that the Irish dance wasn't like the video in class but more like the dance in the old movies. At the beginning, it was difficult and I stroke some people. The next day, it was a long walk...normally, Because I finished my day in the car by watching a film. The rain was at the same place that us. The evening, we discovered that the TV in my room had the pay channel... So we saw the match of the Ireland and the mother of the house gave us coke and pop corn. So cool!!! The next morning, a bit tired I confess, I went on foot to the car under the rain. This day, it was a visit of a farm. I see pig, cow...and we did dance and hurling, We play also drum but I discovered without surprise that I can't become a professional player of drum. Strangely, I'm not sad. Also, we paint a wall and it  was funny! The day is over, I went in my house. It was the last night and, I don't know why, the mother gave us food for one week perhaps more. To be polite , I ate all meal but the level of the test was so high and I gave up in front of the sausages, with a full body. Then we went at the beach a little hour and some people swam or rather ran in the sea... Not for me! The next day, we visited Dublin. I find that the city is beautiful, crossed by the river. It was perfect, excepted the weather because in ten minutes, I saw the sun, the rain and the hail. I understood why there are Starbucks coffee at each coin of street. The night, we took the boat for the return. I slept with every people on the car during the half of the cross.

A photo of the wall.

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