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Welcome to Sports Academy

In our school we teach all the techniques of these sports, Soccer, Softball, Football, Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, Track, and Lacrosse. Coming to our school will increase your skills in the sport you play.

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In our school, we accept ages from 12- 18, boy or girl. They don't have to be on a team to come to the school, they come to be trained and learn to make them better. If you are not on a team and want to be, come to our camp and we will get you on a team!


The teachers at our school will be professional trainers and will be professional players in the sport. We will have physical trainers in case of any injuries that occur. We will also have a nurse in case of any injuries or illnesses.

School Session, Number of Students

Our school will be open from 9am till 4pm during the first 3 weeks in July. We will also open again for the first 3 weeks in August. It is open Monday to Friday. We will be accepting up to 490 students. 70 students per each sport.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of Sports Academy is to make the students excel in the sport of their choice. To teach them sportsmanship and to do the right thing because it's the right thing to do.

Materials and Resources

The kids will use sports equipment. We will have the proper sports equipment. Their will be new sports equipment each month the school opens. The resources for our students will be a gym that they can work out in during lunch or break. We have outdoor activities that students can participate in during free time.


If there are any problems that students have with each other, we will talk to them and settle it. Violence will not be tolerated in the school. If there is any violence you will be kicked out of the school. We will not tolerate students disrespecting the teachers, or making fun or another for the way they play.

Are they learning?

To tell if the student is learning they will receive a report card from their teachers and the end of each week. They will give them a test each day on what they learned. It is not only improving their sports ability, but the ability to learn how to take test by using what you learned.


We will motivate each student by saying a prayer every morning and having a motivational speaker come speak to them for 10 minutes before their day begins. He will tell them to think about why they are here and to keep that in their mind throughout the day.

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