Gay Rights


Gay men have suffered a lot because of their sexual orientation. Some has been deny from their family, kicked out of their job or even beaten for no reason down the streets. But to add to all of that, gay men have been for a long time named responsible for the spread of HI/AIDS. We can count many manifestations against gay right, wish is really sad. A lot of people clam that they are dirty and that it’s not safe to have sex with another man.

Some people can think that if they are gay it can’t spread to the rest of the population. But we forget that some men are bisexual. What is not safe about that is if they don’t wear a condom. HIV/AIDS can spread even more. Some study report that people who had use amphetamine or heavy alcohol before sex had more chance to catch HIV or illness.

We can understand that some people discriminate gay men a lot, but not for the good reason. Everyone should be alowed to have sex with anyone, but everyone as to protect them self.


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