Elaina and Tyler's Manifest Destiny

Elaina's Diary

Dear Diary,

Father keeps telling me wonderful stories about California. We would get land, gold, and opportunities! I am still not convinced that it is a real place. It sounds like paradise! Both father and mother believe that manifest destiny is a great thing and I respect their decisions. Father is building a wonderful, sturdy wagon and Mother is sewing and cooking everything we need on the journey. We are leaving tomorrow at sunrise. I can only imagine the wonders of San Francisco.With all that gold, we could be the richest family in the U.S! My brother could finally go to school or get a tutor! Well, I can't jump to conclusions. I guess I just have to wait and see what the future brings.

Dear Diary,

The journey isn't nearly as exciting as as thought. We often have to stop to fix the wagon or cook our food. Father believes that moving west will make the population and size of the U.S. grow. I am not so sure about this anymore. I suggested an idea to Father. You tie a long piece of rope to the shaft of the arrow. Then, Father shoots it at the animal while I am holding the other end of the rope. Once it hits the animal, I pull the animal into the moving wagon. Mother makes a fire. In order to keep the smoke from clogging up the wagon, we cut a hole in the top of the middle wagon. This is so we can cook while moving.

Dear Diary,

Every once in a while, there aren't many animals for Father to hunt. That is when we whip out the leftovers. On June 29th, we ran into a couple of native americans. Father instantly whipped out his pistol and killed one. The other one noticed the danger and fled. The prairie doesn't have much water but Mother had thought ahead. She took India rubber water bottles and two India rubber water mattresses. That is what we sleep on. Father said that it will only be one more week until we get their. We will start a splendid business and we will become rich. I should probably stop writing. Mother wants me to help collect water from a spring that we have finally found.

Tyler's Diary

Dear Diary,

Papa and Mama has chosen to move West in a Covered Wagon, they have chosen this because in California there is GOLD! We are poor. My whole family has chosen to go including some of my friends. Papa and his brothers have all built the covered Wagons. Mama and her sisters will pack all of our stuff up in the covered wagons. Our whole family is very poorexecpt my ant Labet. She is a Merchant. Three wagons were packed with things that we will not use on the journey and two wagons are packed with stuff that we will use on the journey. One wagon had a group of families and another wagon had a group of families. We have all set out on our journey and I started to ask Mama some questions. I asked her about why we were going to California. She said it is called Manifest Destiny. That is when you move West. Since there is gold there we will be able to have money and not be poor any more. In California there is Millions of Acres so our live stock will be able to graze in the california grass. Then and there I could feel my whole life come together like a puzzle.

Dear Diary,

While I was sitting and playing with Ranger, my dog. I noticed that there were other people moving West. They were going a lot faster and that was when I noticed. They had stolen my invention. I invented the steam powered covered wagon. They were going a lot faster than us though but that was because they found a way to make the temperature of the water hotter. So there would be more steam. That meant there was a lot of people moving west. That was when I heard a loud "POP"! The axle broke! Papa was devastated, We all got out, no one could fix it. So papa started to take all of our stuff out. He said "everyone will find Gold"! So we got into our other Covered Wagon and started to travel, sadly a lot of our stuff was left behind. Papa then said "I see mountains. That means California is on the other side. We all cheered in happiness. After, I saw some indians hiding in the prairie grass as if they were hunting for something. Then I noticed a Chicken. I believe that someone left it of it got loose. All the things that were happening I started to hear a large stampede I didn't know until I looked back. "BUFFALO!"

Dear Diary,

You won't believe what happened today. We were going across the mountains to get to where California was. I noticed a couple of rocks coming down then some mud and some larger rocks. That was when I yelled out. "MUDSLIDE!" Our wagon got tipped over. There was only one person that got injured. it was my brother but he is all right.Papa knew what to do because he loves to read. On one of the covered wagons my Cousin Sarah got small pox. Papa then said that we would camp out that night, so we could find some Herbs. Papa found some good herbs. So Mama suggested that we should find some water to make some Tea. That way everyone will drink it and know one will get sick as easily. Sarah's case of the Small Pox cleared up and she was alright, but things can change. We passed the mountains and we got to California. We are now alright and ready to find land and mine for gold.

Elaina's Invention

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Tyler's Invention

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Recipes From the 1800

Spiced Corn Beef

To 10 pounds of beef
take 2 cups salt
2 cups molasses
2 tablespoonfuls saltpeter
1 tablespoonful ground pepper
1 tablespoonful cloves

Rub well into the beef.
Turn every day, and rub the mixture in.

Will be ready for use in 10 days.

1876 Cottage Cheese

Allow milk to form clabber.
Skim off cream once clabbered.
Set clabbered milk on very low heat and cut in 1 inch squares.
Place colander into clabber.
Dip off whey that rises into the colander.
When clabber becomes firm, rinse with cold water.

Squeeze liquid out and press into ball.
Crumble into bowl.

Mix curds with thick cream.

Mormon Johnnycake

Here is a form of cornbread used not only by the Mormon immigrants,
as the name indicates, but quite often by most of the immigrants traveling west.
Because of the inclusion of buttermilk, a source of fresh milk was a necessity.

2-cups of yellow cornmeal
½-cup of flour
1-teaspoon baking soda
1-teaspoon salt

Combine ingredients and mix in
2-cups of buttermilk and 2-tablespoons molasses.

Pour into a greased 9” pan and bake at 425 degrees for 20 minutes.
To get a lighter johnnycake include two beaten eggs
and 2 tablespoons melted butter.

Soda Biscuits

Take 1lb flour, and mix it with enough milk to make a stiff dough;
dissolve 1tsp carbonate of soda in a little milk;
add to dough with a teaspoon of salt.

Work it well together and roll out thin;
cut into round biscuits, and bake them in a moderate oven.
The yolk of an egg is sometimes added.

What they wore


They wore dresses, aprons, bonnets, and jeans if the were on horseback.

Transportation in the 1800

People in the 1800 used steamboats, trains, locomotives, and they used covered wagons when moving west.

Video  about the 1800



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Elaina and Tyler's Pioneer spirit projects


Elaina and Tyler's Pioneer spirit projects

Motivational Posters:

Elaina and Tyler's Pioneer spirit projects


Elaina and Tyler's Pioneer spirit projects

Beginning Photos:

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What they wore info:

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