Learning To Teach:
Day 5: Snow Day

Snow days have two side to it. The first side is what we all come to know and love. Where  there is no school and you can play in the snow all day long and drink hot chocolate when you come back in side after a full day of snowball fights, sledding, and snowman building. Then there is the other side, the older, need to shovel to get the car out go to work side. Teacher get the mix of both.

In my school system, there are built in snow make up days in the schedule, so in this case our lessons just were pushed up one day. As I was experiencing my first snow day, I was not thinking of playing out in the snow. I was thinking of how much planning I could possibly get done, and how might I adjust my lesson.

The only disadvantage I can think of is that, now coming off of a weekend, there in an added day where my students were not interacting with the material, even though they had a project due that day.

We will see what tomorrow hold, but for now I will sip my hot cocoa and plan for the lessons ahead.

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