Entry #2

Today I searched rube goldberg machine ideas to see what me and my partner could do for our project. We found some really cool ideas like how to pop a balloon, ring a bell, or zip a zipper. I am very excited to see how our machine turns out.

Entry #3

Today my partners and I discussed what items we should bring in to make our Rube Goldberg Machine.  We looked up more videos of Rube Goldberg Machines also. We kind of have an idea of what we want to do but we are not sure how to make it all go together.

Entry #4

Today my partners weren't here so I looked up materials and objectives to do with our project. I made a long list of materials that we could each bring in. I think for our objective, we should pop a balloon because it is very simple and my partners and I talked about poping a balloon for our objective.

Entry #5

Today my partners and I drew a sketch of our machine. After that we made a final list of the materials we need to bring in to complete the project. We aren't sure if it will work, but we can just try it out and see what happens.

Entry #6

Today me and my group showed Mr. Ternent our plan for our machine but we had to many rolling stages so we started to make a new sketch. We are still working on our sketch and can't really think of good ideas. I'm sure we will think of something to do, we just need to do more research.

Entry #7

Today we finished our sketch for the machine and started building our machine. Our concept is to pop a balloon. The type of energy we used is motion because we have a rolling stage, and a zipline stage.

Entry #8

We finally started building our machine, but it is very difficult because we are running into some problems and can't think of ideas to replace the ones we took out. We either have too many rolling stages, or if we don't have two rolling stages then everything won't work. I believe that we can do this but we have to work at it a lot.

Entry #9

We are on stage 3 which is our zip line stage and our first stage is a golf ball rolling down a hill. Next, it hits a marble which is stage 2 and sometimes the marble doesn't get into the cup, or the golf ball keeps rolling and falls off the table. Then we are starting stage 3 which we might have to make changes because we had to change the first 2 stages due to difficulties with the marbles and golfballs.

Entry #10

We are having troubles with our first and second stage because we are adding in a zip line but we can't get it to hit our golfball to have it go down the hill. After that, the golf ball should roll down a hill, hit a marble and go into a dixie cup but instead it will stop and not roll. After that will come the zipline stage and after that it will hit the needle and pop the balloon.

Entry #11

We got our first 3 stages to work today and now we are working on our last 2 stages to pop the balloon. We can't quite get our zipline stage to work the way we want it to though. I think we need a smaller marble so it will go in the cup, and down the zipline.

Entry #12

We have all 3 of our stages working and we are starting our zipline stage. Sometimes all 3 stages work and sometimes they don't. We need to figure out why it won't work and make some changes to the machine so it works.

Entry #13

Today we worked on our 4th stage which is our zipline stage. We are having some trouble with the zipline because we cannot get the bouncy ball to hit the zipline and have it go down the string. We just have to keep trying to make the zipline work.

Entry #14

Today we focused more on our zipline stage and getting everything to flow right. We are trying to get our zipline to work but we either can't get the marble in the cup or the zipline won't come down or something like that. We might even have to change our whole machine, or take out some stages or add stages.

Entry #15

Today our whole class looked at apple projects, and other gaming systems. We were taught that apple products have made so many failures and almost went out of business. Now, apple is one of the most successful companies today. They have failed so many times but it only makes them work harder. That means that our machine could fail one hundred times, but if we keep working, we can get it to work every time. We just need to get the perfect materials, and perfect stages to have it all flow together in the end. Even if we have to completely over, I'll do it as long as we get what we need to do accomplished.

Entry #16

Today we had to switch out our rolling stage because we have too many. We haven't replaced it with anything yet, but we are working on it. We are trying to get our marble to get in the cup and go down the zipline to pop the balloon but we are having trouble getting it to work.

Entry #17

Today was our last day working on our project and we did not get our machine to work. We are very close to getting our machine to work but we needed something heavier to make it all flow. After that, everything worked. All we needed to change was make the golfball/marble heavier and then it would have worked. I don't have any recent pictures or videos of our changes.

Entry #18

My project turned out okay, I would have liked to have been able to complete the project but we just didn't have the right stages. If we had a little bit more time, and better ideas I think it for sure could have worked. It is very hard to try and make up your own machine, concept and not be able to be given materials to work with. With my group, it was hard to get organized and I felt like we were always missing items and people in our group wouldn't bring in the right materials. Doing this project did not want to make me make a career out of it, because I really wasn't that good at it and I feel like it would be hard to try to make a lot of different machines. It is very time consuming and everything has to flow to get a good working machine and m group struggled with that. I did like it but it's not something I want to make a career out of. I don't wish I would have picked another project because all of the other ones were individual and I like working in groups. Another reason why I didn't want to pick another project is because the first time I tried a rube goldberg machine I thought that it was so fun and I wanted to learn more about it and with the other projects they didn't really interest me so the rube goldberg stood out to me more. I thought the rube goldberg machine would be very easy but we ran into some difficulties and that is what made me work that much harder and really try to get the machine to work. I am very glad I picked this project because it wasn't something that was easy to do and I wouldn't have wanted to pick something that I could get done in 2 days. I t was fun getting to work on the machine everyday and it was difficult, but I wouldn't have wanted to have any other project.

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2 years ago

I love that you are talking about energy and I can't wait to see your project work! Great job!