Steve Irwin

Nicholas H. 1st Hour
Biography Project for Mrs.Hemry 8th Grade Language Arts Class

Steve Irwin was born on February 22nd, 1962 and he tragically died, by a stingray barb that pierced his chest, on September 4th, 2006.

Significant Events that Affected Steve's Life

  • Steve mentioned, at times, how grateful he was for the soldiers that served during The First Gulf War.

Steve's Childhood

Stephen Robert Irwin was born to Lyn and Bob Irwin on February 22nd,1962 in Melbourne, Victoria in Australia.  He grew up on Reptile and Fauna Park with his two sisters, Mandy and Joy.  

People Who Influenced Steve

  • Steve's Dad- He was a huge influence on Steve and he was the main reason Steve loved animals.
  • Steve's Mom- Steve's mom would take care of the animals that were injured and taught Steve so much about caring for animals.
  • Steve's Wife- Terri help inspire Steve to greatness and assisted him while he was hosting documentaries.

Unique Facts

  • Steve purchased large pieces of land to preserve endangered species.
  • He has a road named after him, Steve Irwin Way.
  • He was the founder of the Australia Zoo.
  • He caught his first crocodile at age 9.
  • His funeral was at the Australia Zoo.


  • Discovered a new species of turtle.
  • Hosted the Crocodile Hunter for 7 years.
  • Steve even has his own holiday named after him.


The theme of Steve Irwin's life is "Persistence pays off".  He motivated the world with his enthusiasm and love for animals and, as a result, the world is a better place.  I know right now, with conservation, we exceeded expectations because of the efforts of Steve and other conservationist or "wildlife warriors".  I believe Steve wanted to accomplish many more things and now we should join together and protect these animals!  

Words of Advice

"This is going to be a big waste of my time.  But the prospect of seeing new species of wildlife drew me in" (1). -Terri Irwin

"And Steve was the most incredible man I have ever seen- catching crocodiles with his bare hands to save their lives?" (5). -Terri Irwin

"...When you help animals, do your absolute best not to harm it at the same time" and "Never walk past an animals- fix it" (16). -Terri Irwin

What I learned from Steve is indescribable.  I began watching his show around the age of three and absolutely loved him!  I learned the species and behaviors of various animals and I appreciate and treasure wildlife! .  He also taught me how we need to collaborate our resources and conserve these animals!

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